How many apprenticeships are there? Who does them, to what level and where?  Are apprenticeships an answer to the ‘skills problem’?  Are they really an alternative to university for young people?

This site  provides downloads of articles and  research papers  on  apprenticeships. It’s linked to                    



Ongoing research

Another Great Training Robbery or a Real Alternative for Young People? Research and comment on Apprenticeships at the start of the 21st Century  

Download   third-edition    November 2016               

Other material

Download  ymca-journal-article   September 2015

‘Apprenticeships. New Opportunities for Young People, or Another Great Training Robbery?’ 

 Download      FORUM Journal article    October 2015

 ‘Mr Cameron’s Three Million Apprenticeships’ 

View    Guardian feature  ‘Dead end Apprenticeships…..  ‘Dead end’ apprenticeships are failing to help young people find lasting workyouth-unemployment-skills#start-of-comments


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